FIBOX is one global one-step solution company for customized industrial, medical and Consumer Electronics products, including Inejction Molding, assembly, engineering, component supplier selection and management, testing, and logistics service.


We offer:

Electrical engineering based on customer’s needs

Global assembly and supply

Plug & play products where ever you need them


Reliable co-operation

Global supply

We help you to grow

Customer Benefits

Save time

Save costs

Less risks


Leading international OEMs benefit from co-operation with Fibox.

Many of our major customers are well recognized brand names, operating and sourcing globally and who are market leaders in their segments. Some permit Fibox to use their name while others prefer to keep their sourcing relationships proprietary.



Customized switch box, pushbutton box with plastic or metal hourcing

Customized terminal box, junction box with plastic or metal hourcing

Electrical control panel and cable harness based on customer’s requirement, professional design combined with efficiency assembling make sure high quality product supplying and service.

Challenging-structure and robust plastic products used in harsh demanding outdoor environment, large-size and high glossy plastic covers used in medical devices, and high-precision plastic components widely used in wearable devices, access solutions and light system.



Second element measurement and coordinate measuring machine, measuring precision 0.005mm.


Material selection based on design concept / Product structural creation / Molding solution / Mold flow analysis / Design optimization / Fast prototype

Product development

DFMEA / PFMEA / Scientific mold trial / Quantitative validation / PPAP process

Mold manufacturing

Over 15-year experience in manufacturing following molds: Normal mold / Flip mold / Screw thread mold / Hot-runner mold / 2K Mold / Gas-assistant mold / Highly-glossy mold

Production capacity

· 29 injection machines, sizing 50-1000T, including 2K molding, gas-assistant molding
Post processes like printing, laser marking, ultrasonic welding, riveting
· PUR gasket machine benefit to waterproof
· Customized assembling line
· Dust-free workshop


Fibox China practice science and have strict business management. Under the comply with China laws and regulations, The Fibox managing according to the system requirement in the field of quality, environmental protection, occupational health, security, Industry standards and social responsibility and get the ISO 9001:2015;ISO 14001:2015; ISO 45001:2018; ATEX/IECE; CCCEx etc management certification.


FIBOX Global

Fibox, a private owned Finnish company, originally a division of FISKARS which was founded in 1649, is one of the largest enclosure manufacturers in the world. Fibox is the market leader in thermoplastic enclosures, which are used to protect electrical and electronic components operating in hostile environments.

In 1966, Fibox presented the first modular enclosures, injection molded from polycarbonate plastic. These enclosures began a new era of electrical panel building. Fibox group has sales and marketing service centers in Europe, United States, China and Korea.


In year 2003, Fibox opened his first China branch in Shanghai, later in year 2005 Fibox Guangzhou factory was founded. Fibox China operations consist of 3 complimenting businesses:

Enclosures, Tested System and P&AM.

Guangzhou Factory

Specialized in providing package solution in precision plastic injection molding, from product designing to manufacturing of molding. We have years of professional experience in customized plastic products for energy engineering, medical care and smart lighting system.

Shanghai Factory

Specialized in designing, manufacturing, testing and distribution of control panels, junction boxes, OEM panels and Aluminum enclosures in China.


FIBOX Guangzhou

FIBOX (Guangzhou) Engineering Plastics Co., Ltd
Fibox Road, No.36 Dong-Peng-Da-Dao,
Guangzhou Economic & Technological
Development District
Guangzhou 510765, P.R.C

Hesan Liu
Sales Contact
Fibox Guangzhou
+86 135 7012 9393

John Xu
Engineer Contact
Fibox Guangzhou
+86 150 1425 6942

FIBOX Shanghai

FIBOX Shanghai Ltd.
1st Floor, Building 2, No.1885 Duhui Rd.,
Minhang District, Shanghai 201108 China

Ricky Li
Sales Engineer
Fibox Shanghai
+86 155 0214 9368

Enclosure Business Contact:

Peter Yang
Enclosure Sales Manager
Central & Southern China
+86 186 2170 4646

Frank Li
Enclosure Sales Manager
Northern China
+86 152 1019 2836